Monday, May 19, 2014

Attention: S&W Rep!!!


This is the list of S&W represntatives who are on duty on SST Track and Field Championships on 23 May 2014.

Please report to your respective teacher in-charge after the flag raising ceremony.

Thank you.

Finishing Judge       : Mr Lam Hin Chew
Students                    : S3-05
  Reuben Ang Kaiwei, Yeo Tzun Kai, Lim Wei Feng
                                      Lim Zhongzhi
                                      Teng Chen Chang Gabriel, Ng Choon Wee

Prize Steward           : Patrick Hiap Lee Ann
Students                    : Same as the logistics students

Prize Custodian       : Ms Choo Mui Luan
Students                    : S3-07
                                      Liew Jia Wen, Sanjana Suha
                                      Looi Chi Han, Loh Xian Ze Bryan

High Jump                : Ms Camellia Lee Lin Lin
Students                    : S3-08
                                      Michael Chun Kai Peng, Rachit Agrwal, Cheong Ching Yong ( running, Jerry to replace)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coaches please take note!!!


Please work on the following in sequence for the Sports Education Model! Plan for the drills as follows:

i.e. Coach for week lesson 1 (L1) plans for passing drills....

L1. Passing - forehand and backhand (hammer is optional)
L2. Defence - team defence tactics
L3. Attack - providing options, running into space, invading space and maintain possession
L4. Individual skills (one student pivoting to pass vs a defender tracing to block the pass)

Thank you!

ALL the best for your common test and see you 2 weeks later!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Intra Class Ultimate Frisbee 2014

Here are the links to the documents!

Coaching Sheet
Assessment Rubrics


Remember to submit your coaching sheets AT LEAST ONE DAY before your coaching session!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ultimate Frisbee Defense

Ultimate Frisbee Defense Video!

Attackers - Pivot to pass,  run into space to receive
Defenders - Stick to your man in Man to man defense, Tracing!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Preferred fat measurement technique

In my opinion, I think that despite its high cost, the DEXA scan is the best technique to measure body fats. As it is 99.9% accurate, it will be able to accurately measure the amount of fats in the person's body, unlike other methods which have lowered accuracy. Moreover, the scan is painless, non-invasive and safe since the subject only has to lie down while the machine conducts the scan.